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5751 TAD Premium Selected

169,00 PLN*
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Model: 0100-047
Producent: TAD
Podwójna trioda małej mocy firmy TAD.
Zamiennik lampy ECC83, mniejsze wzmocnienie.
"The TAD Selected 5751 is our first choice for noticeably improved clarity, smoothness,
and a true vintage tone character for most guitar amps!
There will still be plenty of gain - so if you own a high-gain preamp that does not have these classic crunch characteristics,
the 5751 tube will work wonders. In hi-fi preamps and CD players,
the TAD selected 5751 will lower the noise floor and sound smoother and clearer than many 12AX7 tubes.

Especially this low-noise tube is recommended for best clean tone with big bottom,
warm midrange and silky top end. Performs great for HiFi too! Replaces any 12AX7A/WA, ECC83, 7025 etc.

NOTE: SRV used a 5751 to improve his clean tone with vintage
Fender amps producing that thick and three-dimensional bold tone."
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