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ECC83-WB TAD Premium Selected - para

425,00 PLN*
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Produkt dostępny!
Model: 0100-108
Producent: TAD

Podwójna trioda 12AX7A / ECC83 .

Lampa selekcjonowana przez firmę TAD.

The TAD ECC83WB Selected was tested and selected for low noise and low microphony perfomrance.
The Tube Amp Doctor ECC83-WB Selected has a balanced tone with a slight emphasis on the upper mids,
which gives the sound a nice string attack and clarity, while maintaining a strong and defined bass range.
With the extra kick in the upper mid-range, the TAD ECC83-WB  PREMIUM Selected also does really well in vintage guitar amplifiers.
If the TAD ECC83-WB  PREMIUM Selected is used in hi-fi audio amplifiers,
the tube adds a bit of freshness and presence to the signal.




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