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EL84-STR redbase Premium Matched TAD para

269,00 PLN*
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Produkt dostępny!
Model: 0100-136
Producent: TAD
Pentoda mocy EL84 firmy TAD
Premium matched.

The all new TAD-EL84-STR REDBASE brings together the best of both - the famous EL84-Cz and the EL84M.
We opted for the thickest glass possible and the heaviest construction available, just like the Russian EL84M, and combined these features with the sonically most promising cathode plate options, in order to meet and exceed the tonal quality of the EL84-Cz. Finally, we added the gold grid wire in order to improve overall reliability. The sound can be described as very harmonic in the middle and treble frequencies, without adding too much power to the bass. The result is the best EL84 in current production.

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